Regular MBA Community Webinars

Our alumni are invited to attend our regular online MBA Community webinars, featuring a wide range of  interesting and exciting speakers. The last year has seen very succesful webinars by academics and business leaders on, for example, Business Models for Innovation, "Racing to a sustainable Future" (Strategy in Formula E Racing - see picture), Doughnut Economcs, the use of Visuals and diagrams to Communicate Strategy, and Being a emerging market leader in a large Indian MNE, etc.

If you are on our alumni email list, you will receive updates on the schedule and links to sign up to attend the webinars.

If you are not yet on the list, please contact us via email on and we will get you added! 

For upcoming Community Webinars, and details of previous events, please see the Events Section.


Regional and Topical Online Events

There will be an all-Africa online meeting "Eye on Africa" early in 2022 - a date will be available soon! 

Other events will be announced here and through the Alumni mailing list. 

If you are not yet on our mailing list, please contact us via email on and we will get you added! 



Annual Summer School

Building on previous Summer Schools on 'Innovation and Enterprise' and 'Beyond the Bottom Line;, after a two year enforced break due to the pandemic, the Annual Summer School will be back in 2022. This will provide an opportunity for networking and CPD. For a flavour of previous Summer Schools and updates (when available) on the next, please see the Summer School Section


Annual Capstone Conference

The annual Capstone Conference provides a platform for recent alumni to present their final MBA Project to an audience of current students and alumni, offering great insights into the amazing work done by our MBAs, as well as an opportunity to network.


Attend MBA Electives - the first one is FREE!

Oxford Brookes Global MBA alumni have the opportunity to participate in a FREE MBA elective. This is an excellent way to keep up professional development and engage with the Brookes MBA Community. Alumni won’t do the module assessment, but you will have access to key learning materials (including the eBook) and engage in the learning activities, completely integrated with the ‘regular’ students. You will also gain a Certificate of Attendance (provided you fully participate) to evidence CPD. Details on modules, timings and availability are in the online shop

If the first, free elective gives you a taste for more, you can attend further electives for a fee: £250 for an online module or £300 for on-campus.


Career Support and AMBA Membership

Find details on career support for MBA students and alumni in the career and development section. This also has information about the free AMBA membership that Brookes MBA Community members are entitled to, which includes various events. 


Networking and get involved

In addition the networking opportunities through all of the above, there is a Brookes Global MBA group on LinkedIn, as well as an Oxford Brookes Business School Alumni group. And we very much welcome alumni getting involved with the MBA Community, MBA teaching, the Business School and/or the University. Do get in touch by email to discuss opportunities. Examples of how alumni are already involved are as guest speakers in modules, by giving a Community Webinar, by teaching in other Business School programmes, by mentoring students and by organising the annual Summer School and other events. There are many ways in which you can share your expertise, be involved, and get lots back. 


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