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Some really interesting articles in the latest AMBA magazine! The headline article especially grabbed my attention, as it seems particularly relevant to our Global MBA. While the article conflates various concepts of platformisation, sharing and online interactions, it does, I believe, show that the Brookes MBA is still ahead of the curve in the space of blended executive education.

Our core values of 'Connect, Collaborate and Create' reflect that our aims are exactely what is needed in executive education: learning through sharing of expertise and experiences, collaborating with peers and tutors to create solutions and insights, connected - to each other and cutting edge knowledge - through a learning environment which is largely (but not exclusively!) online. I think it's not helpful to call that Uberisation, though. This is not about creating new business models that monetise individual resources through sharing platforms. That sort of thing has been long talked about in the context of Wikinomics, offering opportunities to learners to source (pick & mix) bits of relevant content from anywhere/anyone that is the world-expert in that area. Rather, we offer an integrated enabling platform for collaborative learning, in which contributions and take-aways from peers are equally essential and are supported by resources, tutors and processes provided by the MBA, in the context of the Business School and the University. As MBA students and alumni, you are not a passive absorbers of knowledge, but a active contributors to a vibrant learning community. 

It would great to see your thoughts on the AMBA article in the comments.

If you'd like to read the full magazine, you can do so here.

You may find it easier to download it as a PDF (in its entirity or just the articles you are interested in). I've already downloaded the Uberisation article

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